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Jerry Skinner Documentaries

Join Us on Our Adventures!

The Death of Casey Jones

The Murder of Medgar Evers

Clarance Saunders: Piggly Wiggly & Pink Palace

The Statue of Laura Kelly

James Younger Gang Corinth Ms. Bank Robbery.

HollyWood Murder: Sal Mineo

HollyWood Death: William Holden

HollyWood Suicides: George Reeves

HollyWood: Randy Quaid

HollyWood Murder: Leslie Howard

HollyWood Suicides: Charles Boyer

HollyWood Suicides: Natalie Wood

HollyWood Suicides: Herve` Villechaize - YouTube

HollyWood Suicides: George Sanders - YouTube

HollyWood Suicides: Marilyn Monroe - YouTube

HollyWood Suicides: Alan Ladd - YouTube

HollyWood Suicides: Inger Stevens - YouTube

HollyWood Suicides: Capucine - YouTube

Tunica Casino Tips!

Memphis Minnie

Elvis Presley Part 5

Elvis Presley Part 4

Elvis Presley Part 3

Elvis Presley Part 2

Elvis Presley Part 1

Bobby Skinner Singing Hank Williams

Who was Quana Parker?

Who was General Nathan Bedford Forrest?

The Respectable Killer Jim Miller

Who was "Pretty Boy" Floyd?

"Sequoyah" Cherokee Indian Leader

Danny Thomas Founder of St. Judes

Coach Tom Landry and Actress Greer Garson

Luke Short Gunfight with Jim Courtright

Was Oswald alone?

Who was Dan Blocker?

How to be a Private Investigator in 20 minutes!

The Battle of Shiloh

The Death Of Bonnie & Clyde Part 3 (

The Death of Bonnie and Clyde Part 2

The Death of Bonnie and Clyde Part 1

Twohead Whites Death!

In Search of Buford Pusser