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Jerry Skinner Documentaries

Join Us on Our Adventures!

Video Gallery

Most Hated Bully in Alabama

Gary Cooper: Montana Cowboy

The Life of Wild Bill Hickok -Re-done

Bette Davis: She did it the Hard Way.

Maureen O"Hara: The greatest Guy John Wayne ever knew.

Brian Keith: The Complete Story

Tony Curtis: An Icon

Slim Pickens: A Cowboy Turned Actor

Clint Walker: A Good Guy

Dale Robertson, Oklahoma Cowboy

The Life of Geronimo

James Coburn

Doris Day

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Hank Williams: The Legend

Marlon Brando: From Birth to Death

Tom Mix: First Cowboy Superstar

Jim Key: The World's Smartest Horse

Frank Sinatra: A Complicated Life

Tom Lee: Memphis Hero

Jimmie Rodgers: What Damaged his career?

Billie The Kid

Richard Farnsworth

Gene Autry

1st Lt. Pascal C. Poolaw

John Mcintire & Jeanette Nolan

Mississippi-In-Africa: Prospect Hill Plantation

Connie Francis

Pat Buttram: (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Rory Calhoun

Eddie Albert "Green Acres" Mini Documentary

Elvis: Part 6 ( Final Farewell)

Judge Roy Bean: Mini Documentary

What Happened to Sandra Dee?

What Happened to Bobby Darin?

What Happened to William "Will" Sampson?

What Happened to Denver Pyle?

What Happened to "Little Rascals" Robert Blake?

What Happened to Rex Allen?

What Happened to Jack Palance?

What Happened to Jeffrey Hunter?

What Happened to Little Rascals "Froggy"?

What Happened to Cary Grant?

What Happened to John Wayne?

This is What Happened to Randolph Scott..

Ben "Son" Johnson: A True Gentleman Cowboy

What Happened to Lynyrd Skynyrd??

Clint Eastwood's Life: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

What happened to these Character Actors? 1st Series

What Happened to Princess Grace?

What Happened in this little Ghost Town?

Where is Butch Cassidy buried?

What Happened to the U.S. Presidents & First Ladies? Part 2 of 2

What Happened to the U.S. Presidents & First Ladies? Part 1 of 2

What Happened to Michael Landon?

What Happened to Charles Bronson?

What Happened to Lee Remick?

John L. Sullivan: Bare Knuckle Champion

What Happened to Dean Martin?

Richard Widmark: Hollywood Gentlemen